BRIVAS LABS brings advancements to revolutionize USER identity.

brivasBRIVAS LABS brings advancements to revolutionize USER identity in the privacy ecosystem. Identity management is vital in our new cyber and BRIVAS PHALANX v 1.0 solves the user identity problem leveraging existing thru augmented authentication with real-time + contextual biometric encryption. Biometrics are increasingly used as a way to verify a person’s identity. As organizations become more security-conscious, biometric-based solutions are set to grow in terms of usage and importance as ability to accurately capture and compute increase. Given the growing global security threats, governments around the world have long known that the biometric elements of identity verification increase security, augment accountability, and provide risk and liability mitigation. BRIVAS is a computer vision and machine learning specialist dealing in biometric fusion and contextual, real time verification on smartphone technology. Our digital needs require a continuous search for a cost-effective means of reducing fraud and gaining accurate USER information. BRIVAS accomplishes this with GPU and CLOUD processing at an extremely affordable and scalable approach. BRIVAS is able to pattern the events leading up to an authentication, then qualify a real-time, singular event data structure actually encrypted with our proprietary biometric facial verification technology.

brivas2The human face plays an important role in our social interaction, conveying people’s identity and now in BRIVAS’ man & machine binding qualities. Using identity as a key to security, coupled with trusted computing adds greater accuracy to the entire security system. As compared with other biometrics systems using fingerprint/palmprint and iris, face recognition has distinct advantages because of its non-contact process which leverages our streaming methods to detect liveness, intent to authenticate, 3D verification, and real-time contextual existence. Beyond authentication and verification, we hold patent pending on a unique method to generate secret encryption/decryption keys tied specifically to the unique architecture of an individual’s unique facial structure to generate keys. BRIVAS’ contextual face recognition process has a highly diverse range of applications, extending from crime fighting, border control, to access control for sensitive areas and (limited access control) that blend to a smart, elastic format to provide greater accuracy and assurances while keeping cost in mind Right now, we are implementing our solution in the electronic medical records industry for a one-touch release of people’s medical records. We would market to EMR/health technology companies who sell to Healthcare providers. we would be using the EMR/Health technology companies as a strategic partner channel to go after the Accountable Care Organizations, mid-sized and small hospitals and independent physician/clinics. To summarize, BRIVAS IDENTITY’ technology is the future and companies are quickly responding to the ease of use as well as the many different uses for it.


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