The Globality Quotient: Cybersecurity | BIZCATALYST 360°

IN OUR CONTEMPORARY WORLD, where in unison, the media contributes to a culture of fear, a mysterious mistress; the cyber security is, in reality, more spoken about than understood. After my recent article: Take the Lead. The Tango and The Tech was published on BIZCATALYST 360°; very strong support from the industry leaders made me accept the fact that technically and strategically speaking; the cyber security is the topic I would like to know more about. And, unsurprisingly, it was not a ‘why’ question anymore. Notwithstanding, the flow of capital, technologies, and skills in the field of security, including the cyber security attracts ‘white’ and ‘black’ players – ‘Lords of Order’ and ‘Lords of Chaos’. Multiplied by wild ambitions of the world’s military superpowers, here we are, standing in front of the Apocalypses at its best! A sensitive place of the worldwide integration of current and future of security industries. More often than not – undetectable; unseen and invisible for a non-professional; indistinguishable; hidden; unknown. Gravitation like, the cybersecurity must be taken as the fact rather than the fiction. CLICK TO TWEET While the idea is somewhat extreme, there is no disagreement that it is happening. The condensing of the artificial intelligence worldwide that affects lives of billions of people around the globe can also mean the rapid increase of cyber threats. Foundation of a universal culture of cyber security is marked by the initiatives and ongoing processes at the world’s most influential decision-making international forums. The United Nations General Assembly Resolution 57/239 regarding the “creation of a global culture of cybersecurity” was first adopted on January 31, 2003. Followed by numerous amendments, including the ‘UN General Assembly resolution mandating the creation of a Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) for 2016-2017. The Groups of Governmental Experts have become a known mechanism by which the General Assembly advances the international debate on norms, rules, and principles of state behavior in cyberspace.’ ** Cybersecurity. What it is not? With this and a few more questions I am proud and honored to invite Mr. Chuck Brooks – one of the world’s most known experts and the industry guru to my weekly Global Macro Roundtable. Chuck Brooks – the person – legend and reference for the theme’s most competent and comprehensive quest and analysis.

Source: The Globality Quotient: Cybersecurity | BIZCATALYST 360°


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