The Hitchhikers Guide To The Invisible Internet – Bitcoin News

If you are into cryptocurrency and are tech savvy, you probably have heard of the Deep Web by now. Most people don’t know that through traditional search engines like Google or Yahoo they only see so much of the worldwide web. Basically, these common applications are similar to traveling with tunnel vision and being able to view only what the browser allows. The Deep Web or the ‘Invisible Web‘ as it’s called is not indexed by these particular browsers and needs to be seen through alternative methods.   

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Illegal items are not the only thing to see within these websites. As droves of bloggers, artists, gamers, developers, and basically anyone can occupy the space. If one was to choose to visit the Dark Net Markets (DNMs) they can with ease. With a little technical background with computers, that’s especially focused energy on privacy, and encryption a user can travel through the shadow economy. There is much to explore on the Deep Web, and there are thousands of others you may meet on the way. The building of this section of the Internet is growing at exponential rates and those that help its growth are showing a new way of doing things.

Items You’ll Need For The Trip

the-deep-webThis day in age with the ever looming surveillance state it’s a good idea to stay private. Surfing the Deep Web is not illegal however its roads can lead to various Dark Net Markets throughout your travels. There are many steps you can take to ensure your identity remains safe and you must decide the degree of security you are comfortable with. You can visit these spaces with many scaled variations of pseudo-anonymous tactics to keep yourself protected. Using methods that anonymize your identity, IP address, and proxies are probably the best way to protect yourself from snooping agents meddling in your private affairs.

VPNIf you are thinking about using the Deep Web for any kind of e-commerce transaction then you probably should purchase some Bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies are used by close to 90% of the users on the hidden net for pseudo-anonymous privacy and settlement speed. Now nothing is 100% anonymous in the world of online computing, but there are some applications that make it pretty damn close. One application that will guide you through this operation almost worry free is the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). This service enables users to surf the public web within a private network. The system creates a point to point connection within a set of dedicated nodes that tunnel protocol and also use traffic encryption methods. VPNs are a great way to ensure privacy not just on the Deep Web but also across public venues such as messaging services and others.

The use of VPNs is not a necessary tool for you to use while surfing this region of the Internet. What you do need is a browser that can index .Onion websites and other addresses that reside on the hidden network. The Tor browser is the most recommended engine that can examine this space. I2Peer, Freenet, and other protocols act as full browsers that work in a similar fashion. Using an application like this is a must when trying to access these websites as popular services will not provide this experience. When using a VPN crossed with Tor the level of anonymity is higher and one can feel safer surfing the hidden net or even make a purchase on the DNM’s using Bitcoin. Searching for an IP address or a vulnerability is far more difficult because using a VPN secures your connection. It puts a level of protection on all data sent and received while surfing and keeps these messages encrypted and out of sight. A private network is a boost in security for places online you don’t usually travel so why not protect yourself?


Source: The Hitchhikers Guide To The Invisible Internet – Bitcoin News


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