Bitcoin Has Caught the Attention of Tanzania’s Central Bank – Bitcoin News

At first, I was like…yeah so? Why is this important? Then I read of this man’s careful but considered approach to dealing with the yet unknown world of cybercurrencies and ico trading gone wild and his calm determination to cover all the bases then issue a statement that is his responsibility to do on this subject for the administration to which he reports.




Bitcoin is growing popular throughout a few regions within the giant continent of Africa. One of these areas seeing bitcoin growth is the United Republic of Tanzania. Due to the rise in interest towards bitcoin from Tanzanian citizens the Bank of Tanzania governor, Benno Ndulu, expressed some concerns about the decentralized currency this week. Also Read: Bitmari Becomes First Bitcoin Company to Partner With an African Commercial Bank Bank of Tanzania Governor Benno Ndulu Has Noticed Bitcoin’s Rise in Tanzania Currently, online searches for the decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin are trending significantly within the Eastern and Southern African regions. There is significant interest in areas like Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania and these regions have a plethora of ways to obtain bitcoin. In Tanzania specifically, Localbitcoins volumes have risen exponentially since last Spring and the country’s central bank is beginning to take notice. Bank of Tanzania (BoT) governor, Benno Ndulu. This week the governor of the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) Benno Ndulu told the country’s local newspaper, the Guardian, that Tanzanians should be aware of the risks associated with digital currencies.

Source: Bitcoin Has Caught the Attention of Tanzania’s Central Bank – Bitcoin News


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